Part of the reasons why we built Vidmy is to both help people with little technical knowledge to build their own video website without any development or technical knowledge. Turns out, even people who are capable of developing their own website, or perhaps hiring a development team still prefer using Vidmy. That’s because Vidmy comes with the video curation tools built-in that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars and take several weeks to develop.

Here are the top video curation tools that make people love Vidmy.

Bulk Import Videos

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If you want to improve an entire YouTube channel or playlist, Vidmy makes adding content to your website a breeze. Similarly, on Facebook you can start importing videos from a specific Facebook page in bulk!

Automated Thumbnail Generation

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When importing videos to Vidmy, Video thumbnails are automatically generated for your videos, saving you countless hours spent taking screenshots from videos. If you want to upload a different picture from the one automatically generate, you can easily do so as well.

Scan for Removed Videos

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As you build your video library, it’s common for videos you added to your website to be removed by their original owner from YouTube. This causes your visitors to get frustrated with videos that are not working. Luckily, Vidmy has a

User Video Submission

Vidmy allows you to engage your users by allowing them to create accounts and submit videos to the website under their own username. This is perfect if you want to build a community around a specific topic, or perhaps fans of your company submitting their videos using your product!

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Sort using Video Stats

Vidmy keeps track of how many people have watched each video and how many votes it received, both on your website and on the video source when it was first imported. This allows you to sort videos not only by the date they were posted on your website, but also by their popularity.

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Facebook Import Videos

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Facebook is packed with millions of videos that used to be only accessible from inside Facebook. Vidmy is one of the ONLY few web services that allow you to bulk import videos from any Facebook Page, as well as easily post single video simply using the URL without having to copy/paste any complicate code!