As a Facebook page owner, it’s very important to keep your users engaged with regular posts and relevant content. But once you have thousands of Page Likes, how do you start making money? Unlike YouTube, Facebook doesn’t give you any money from the advertisements on their website.

Vidmy can help you to make money from your Facebook Page. Vidmy is a video website builder that allows you to create a website, import videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other popular video sources into your website, and display advertisements and sponsored banners that you can make money from. The video website can have your own unique domain name, as well as a fully customizable design so you can make it truly yours.

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By creating a video website with you ads, you can then sharing posts on your Facebook Page that drives traffic to your website. The more people click on your links and watch the videos on your website, the more money you will make from advertisements! You no longer have to share videos from other websites and other Facebook pages without making any money. Instead, you will now be able to both engage your users with content they love while making money!

Why Vidmy?

Using Vidmy, many of our users are already making more money from their Facebook page than ever before. They didn’t have to risk money developing their own website. In fact, it all started with a free trial (no credit card required). In just a few minutes they were able to build their own video website.

Vidmy is a full fledged video content management system with everything you need from content import, video categorization, browsing and filtering, and even real-time statistical reports on your content’s performance. You don’t have to buy your own hosting or have a developer to setup and maintain the website. It’s all hosted in the cloud where we make sure you get the latest feature as well as our support if you have any questions.

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How can Vidmy help you make more money?

Vidmy has a powerful bulk video import feature that will make adding video to your website a breeze. Using Vidmy’s bulk import feature you can easily import all the videos from a specific YouTube channel or playlist without having to place one video at a time. You get to preview, select, edit and publish the videos all from a single interface! Managing your video curation website couldn’t get any faster. But that’s not all. We are always working on adding more feature. In fact, Vidmy is the first website builder to offer bulk import videos from Facebook.

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Vidmy has features that are built specially to drive more traffic to your website. For example, when you share videos from your Vidmy website to your Facebook Page, a thumbnail is automatically generated from the video along with an optional play button symbol to encourage people to click your Facebook Post. Also, inside your Vidmy website, each video features social sharing buttons that allows them to easily share on social media.


Vidmy allows you to maximize your advertising potential. In addition to being able to place ads on virtually any corner on your website, we also offer to show ads before any video starts to play on your website, thus increasing your advertising revenues even further.

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