Video websites such as 9gag TV, Clipaday, Upworthy, Videobash, and many others all follow the same concept of video curation. Video curation is the process of selecting the best video content and making it available to audiences through your website, while making money through advertising, affiliate marketing, and other monetization strategies.

While there are many website builders out there that make creating a website or blog a simple process, building video websites like 9gag TV and other can be a challenging task. That’s because most blogging platforms such as WordPress  Blogger and Tumblr were built mainly for publishing text articles.

What are the features you need

On the other hand, if you are trying to build a video website like 9gag TV you probably need a solution that combines of the following:

  • Video Curation
  • Video CMS
  • Video Website Themes

Video Curation

A video curation tool will allow you to easily search video sources for quality videos, preview and select which videos to include, and then finally import them to your website.

Having a video curation tool integrated to your website means that instead of searching online, and then constantly wasting time copying and pasting the video embed code, video title and description, and then taking a screenshot and uploading it for every single video, all this becomes automated! If one day you stumble through a video you like, you can easily add the new video to your website in just a few seconds.

2015-06-14 11_49_09-Vidmy _ musichits Admin Panel

A Powerful video curation tool will allow you to bulk import videos, so you can import all videos from a given youtube channel, playlist or facebook page in just a few clicks.

2015-05-28 21_49_10-Vidmy _ musichits Admin Panel _ Videos

2015-05-28 21_35_26-Vidmy _ musichits Admin Panel _ Videos

Video CMS

Using a Video content management system gives you great flexibility and control over the contents of your website. Instead of treating videos as just another piece of content inside your articles, videos become the center of your website.

This allows you to sort and organize videos not just by categories, but also using other video data such as number of views, video duration, or the number of votes the video received.

2015-05-28 21_43_37-Best Music Video Hits on YouTube

What if you want to allow website visitors to submit their own videos to the website? Below is a screenshot of a website visitor who is able to post a video without having to login in. All they have to do is submit a video link, and automatically all the video data including thumbnail, title and description are imported.

2015-05-28 21_40_22-Best Music Video Hits on YouTube

A powerful Video CMS will not only allow you to manage and organize your videos with great ease, but also makes maintaining your website a breeze. A very important feature you will need is a Youtube Link Scanner that checks if all the YouTube videos on your website are still working or if any video has been removed by their uploader for whatever reason.

Video Website Theme

We already talked about how a powerful Video Curation tools would help you build your content. We also discussed how using a Video CMS allows you to better manage your curated content. Now let’s talk about the Video Website Theme, which is how you present your website’s content to your viewers.

To make your website look unique like no other, you should have a theme customization tool that allows you to change every aspect of your website design so you can work on making your website look unique without having any coding knowledge.

2015-06-14 12_14_07-Vidmy _ musichits Admin Panel _ StyleOne important factor is to be using a platform where all of mentioned components work together seamlessly. The data imported using your video curation tool such as video thumbnail, views statistics, video length and so on should be integrated with the website design so they can appear on the website.

2015-06-14 12_10_58-Best Music Video Hits on YouTube

Last but not least, you need to make sure your theme allows for placing Advertisements, which will probably be your main source of income. In addition, you can try placing Ads in places where users give most of their attention, thus increasing their click-through-rate (which effectively increases your ads income!). One way to do so is to preview ads before videos play a.k.a. Video Loading Ads.

2015-05-26 13_47_02-This Adorably Confused Dog Has No Idea What To Do With A Screenless Door! _ Vide

Your Options

Taking the time to find the right video website builder will easily pay off in the future.

If you decide to build your own video website from scratch you will spend a lot time and money building your own Video Curation Tools, Video CMS and Video Website Templates all while trying to make them work well together.

If you decide to just go with a simple blogging platform such as tumblr or blogger, you miss out on all time-saving features that could make adding content and managing your website a breeze.

To get the best of both worlds, we recommend an online service like Vidmy. You get all the features that you need without having to build them yourself, while getting the latest features and updates for free.

Vidmy is an online service that allows you to create your video websites with Video Curation Tools, Video CMS, and Video Website Themes, all ready and well integrated so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can easily Sign Up to start building your website and have it online for free using Vidmy’s free domain name <website-name> Later you can easily upgrade to use your own domain name, as well as other advanced features for paid users.

If you have any questions, let us know using our Contact Us Page.