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  • Exceptional audience engagement tools
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Why pairing your YouTube Channel with a video website

Boost your search engine rankings, strengthen your brand identity to attract sponsors, engage & grow your audience and maximize your revenues all while growing your YouTube channel*.

*Every time someone watches a video on your website, it also increases the view count of that video on YouTube.

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With Vidmy You Can:

Video Content Management

Set & Forget Video Content Management

Link your YouTube channel and Vidmy will automatically import your videos based on your predefined rules. No Manual Intervention is needed.

Automatic YouTube videos synchronization
Advanced auto sync rules
Organize videos with smart categories & tags
Bulk video content management
Broken YouTube videos detector & cleaner
Curate videos from other YouTube channels
Quick video import Chrome extension
Advanced YouTube player
Video thumbnail editor & beautifier
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Maximize Your Earnings Beyond YouTube’s Ad Revenue

Strategically position & place your custom ads & affiliate links in the most prime locations on your website.

  • Fixed advertisement spaces to promote your products & services
  • Custom ads on selected posts or category pages
  • Offers pop-ups, announcement bar & advanced call to action options
  • Integrate your google AdSense or any ad network
  • Embed Shopify & Amazon products with add to cart buttons
Promote your social media accounts and grow your email list
Audience Engagement

Powerful Tools to Grow & Hook Your Audiance

Unlike YouTube's recommendation system that leads viewers to other creators, Vidmy ensures they stay with your videos, deeply engaged by our robust retention toolkit.

  • Triggered call to actions, advanced stop scrolling pop-ups, & announcement bar to guide viewers to subscribe, or make purchases
  • Collect emails, build a robust email list then pick videos & send newsletters in few clicks
  • Exclusive gated content for registered users to grow your email list
  • Favorite & watch later lists to incentives users to register & subscribe
  • Widgets to promote your social media channels
Promote your social media accounts and grow your email list
Video Website Builder

Light Speed, Mobile Friendly, SEO Optimized, & Fully Responsive Themes

Without any technical knowledge, build and customize a branded video website with a builder engineered for YouTubers.

Lightning-fast website loading
Optimized for mobile browsing
Crafted for SEO success
SEO video site map
Ready-to-use stylish templates
Brand & customize your website with ease
Translate to any language
Connect your own domain name
Live & hero search
Fully customizable menus & sidebars
Fully featured blogging
Realtime analytics & performance insights
Team management, invite, assign, & collaborate
Promote your social media accounts and grow your email list
Newsletter Builder

Create email newsletters

Pick any posts from your website and organize them in a branded newsletter with a few clicks. Export it as HTML that works with almost any email sender.

Promote your social media accounts and grow your email list
Vidmy Testimonial
Vidmy is an excellent and flexible platform for anyone who wants to communicate and inform people via video. The platform offers a lot of great functionality to curate and organize YouTube videos and customize the site to your need. Take your time discovering all the possibilities and flexibility Vidmy has to offer, and you won't regret it. If you need help, they have a great team to help and support you in your project.

Marc Bastien

Ma formation en video, Montreal, Canada
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